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Heyo, Nethender here. Im not 100% sure how to format a blog for this website yet, so this will do for now. Ive been working on this website for not too long, but I think that there is a lot of potential for this place to go in a pretty cool direction. I like the idea of this being a hub for all my content, but I also want it to be far more then just that. Eventually I want to go beyond just content and make Nethender a whole brand that branches out into many diffrent things. One idea I have had is creating a clothing brand, but I have a lot to learn for that to happen. Lets talk a bit about this website though. Honestly I have never built a website before now, but it took me by surprise just how much fun id have making one. I quickly found myself looking up tons of videos of how to do more complex things in website making dispite still very much being new at this. I had to scrap a few ideas I had for the website as well so I can get this beta version up in time. I think that having this skill will serve well for the future, with all the things I have planed. Anyways ill leave it at that. See ya around!

-Nethender, 10/10/2021

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